A Miscarriage and a Soul Retrieval


A mother recently came to me for a healing session, she wasn't really sure what was wrong, she was simply feeling stuck. She had a lack of enthusiasm for life and her work and relationship felt 'flat'

We began the process and before long we were taken back a few years to an event she had ignored and suppressed.

She had had her heart set on having another baby and when she got pregnant she felt everything was falling into place. With great excitement she counted down the days until her 12 week scan with her gynae.....but within seconds all her excitement was drained away from her, the beautiful happy images she had built in her mind collapsed and a feeling of despair grew from within the pit of her stomach.

There was no heartbeat, the hormonal indicators confirmed the worst and a traumatic D&C procedure was required in the operating theater. At the time she recalls being fairly numb about the whole thing, there wasn't much time for self pity. Outside the walls of the hospital life continued, there were errands to run, bills to pay and a family to care for, but inside a part of her soul shut down.

Essentially it is a self defense mechanism. When trauma is experienced and can't be properly processed, part of the soul shuts itself away, or according to the shamanic tradition, breaks off. This trauma is relative, to a young child corporal punishment is traumatic.

These soul fragments stay away for months, years or even lifetimes until such time as the person is able to properly process the emotions of the initial event. When it is ready to be healed, it begins to feel like our heart or our soul is blocked and this seems to block all the significant areas of our life.

Now in a safe space my client could reconnect to the emotions of that event and the part of her soul that stayed there. This process can be quite emotionally intense, but it isn't always so. Sometimes it is a simple acknowledgement of what happened.

When that part of her soul was ready, we sent her healing and welcomed her back.

The results were profound and almost instant. She felt happy again, she felt like her heart was opening and her enthusiasm for life returned. Often people experience great shifts in the areas of there lives that had been blocked. With the heart open once again one can rejoin the flow of life. Synchronicity returns, life feels easier, and once can really start to live life fully once again.

It is really one of the most profound healing procedures a person can do.

Photo by Matt Hoffman on Unsplash