Soul Retrieval


Soul Retrieval is a beautiful process whereby past trauma can be healed. In the shamanic tradition, it is believed that parts of the soul become lost when trauma is experienced and that the shaman can go and find those parts of the soul and reintegrate them into the soul.

In my experience most people have at least one part ready for healing. When this is the case I find the heart frequency drops below its optimal level. If this has happened to you, you may feel your heart centre in the middle of the chest feeling slightly closed. You may find yourself continuously thinking about an unpleasant past event or you may simply be experiencing negative emotions that have no apparent cause.

Many people have a few events from their current life and a few events from their past life that require healing. I often find that people who do a lot of spiritual work have a much shorter interval between the retrievals as the extra light within them ‘pushes’ each soul loss to the surface for healing.

Common emotions are depression, anxiety or sadness that can arise suddenly for no apparent reason, especially if the event was in a previous incarnation.

The actual healing can be done in several ways. In the shamanic method, the shaman goes into a trance with the client and goes to find the ‘lost’ part of the soul. One can also perform this process in an interactive guided meditation where the client themselves travels ‘back in time’ to observe the past event from a new perspective and carries out the healing process themselves.

Whichever method you prefer one can gain immense wisdom and experience from bringing this into consciousness.

After the soul retrieval is complete, you can expect to feel your heart expanding and a greater flow of divine energy flowing through you. When the soul is fully retrieved and the heart frequency reaches its optimal level one often finds all areas of life falling into place as you experience a greater capacity to give and receive love. Synchronicity often becomes quite noticeable as one works towards their full expression of the soul mission.

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