Past Life Clearing


Like many westerners I started my journey with a fair deal of skepticism regarding past lives and reincarnation, however as I have followed the path of healing and pealed back the layers I have become convinced without a shadow of a doubt that past life events can and do influence our physical and emotional health.

As I delved deeper into this work I was astounded to discover the copious amounts of academic research into reincarnation done by several top universities around the world. A simple google search will provide you with all you need to know on this topic.

What I find in my work is that our past lives effect our energy fields in several ways. On the inner layers of the aura, there are past life wounds from past life physical trauma stored on the etheric body. Then on the mental body, there can be past life shadow aspects which are clouds of stuck emotional energy, and there can be past life thought forms, which appear like a snap shot of a past trauma. Finally, in the heart field, we find soul loss, which often times relates to trauma experienced in a previous incarnation.

This can be life changing for a person who has struggled to understand the cause behind depression, anxiety or conflict with family members.

In the Complete Aura Restoration Process we cover all three of these areas and results are often profound. The final area of interest is in the extended light body, which extends from layer 6 of the aura. Generally speaking, the further out you go in the energy field, the older the blockages are, however they also have less influence over our lives and are easier to clear as part of an extended light body clearing.

If you would like to find out more get in touch and schedule a session or a phone call to discuss past life clearing in more detail.