Inherited Trauma


I experienced a wonderful and interesting healing session this week. I was guiding a client to identify and clear a blockage in the aura, and she came across something that she found quite surprising.

After she had tuned into her mental body she saw a shadow in front of her torso. We focused into the shadow and she could sense its colour and its texture before she started to feel the emotions of the blockage. She described feeling sad, scared and a fear of loss, she even started crying as she felt those emotions.

We were guided to find out more before clearing the blockage, and this is where it got interesting.

The blockage wasn’t from a past life, but it was from before her birth. She had ‘inherited’ it whilst in the womb.

She recounted how her mother had lost a baby before she was born. When pregnant again, her mother had relived all the fearful emotions of her loss and these had been passed on to her unborn daughter (my client).

What is interesting is these emotions and the fear of loss have plagued my client her entire life, and apparently still plague her parents. We may need to do some ancestral healing in a future session to release her family from the trauma.

Clearing the blockage was easy enough, but the learning, understanding and wisdom gained was immense and a sense of relief was felt instantly.

It was a reminder of how powerful healing can be.

(Image: unsplash)