The complete aura restoration


This signature program is ground breaking in its effectiveness. Quite simply, I restore your aura to the level and frequency it should be.

I do this by systematically removing all blockages, healing all wounds and clearing away past life issues present within each layer of the aura, within each chakra and within your heart centre.

We work on the lower five levels of the aura in phase 1. This is the area that plays the greatest role in our physical, mental and emotional well being.

The process typically takes about 4 or 5 sessions for a healthy individual, or up to 7 sessions for a person with a physical disease such as cancer.

There are many benefits to this process. Essentially removing the blockages from the energy field allows the energy to flow unhindered and the body to heal itself. Unexplained aches and pains may simply dissolve and disappear.

There is a sense of lightness as the heavy energies are cleared away. As one person put it: “I didn’t know I felt heavy until I felt light”. Not only will your aura feel lighter, but there will be a shift in the primary aura colour.

One finds a greater stillness of mind and emotional stability returning as the old stagnant emotional energy is cleared from the auric field. Your thoughts and emotions will be present, but will no longer carry the weight of the past.

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