Cancer and past life wounds

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My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was in 1st year at university. Having watched her mother (my grandmother) die from cancer about 10 years previously I was naturally very scared. Fortunately she survived although I’m not sure if she ever fully recovered from the chemotherapy.

These days I work with many clients who have been diagnosed with cancer and it presents many interesting energetic patterns that we really need to study in greater depth.

(I believe we need to study the energy field in as much detail as the physical body has been studied)

There is far too much to discuss to cover everything, so in this post I simply want to look at the Etheric Body, the inner most layer of the aura. The Etheric Body is the energetic blue print for the physical body and mirrors the physical body in every way.

When I do a complete aura restoration I normally start with the Etheric body as it is the foundation on which all other Subtle Bodies (the other layers of the aura) sit.

I normally do this before meeting with the client to avoid front loading my investigation (Getting information about the client’s health before reading the energy field can give clues to the healer about where to look, I like to go in blind and be completely objective).

The problems I find in the Etheric Body are primarily past life wounds linked to a physical trauma in that life.

As I connect with the Etheric Body, I can gather information about these wounds using a number of different psychic tools.

So for example I have had 2 clients where I discovered past life axe wounds to the head and then discovered that that is the exact point where a brain tumour is growing.

I have had several clients who have experienced sexual assault in a previous life and then had cancer (or other disorders) of the reproductive organs.

A man with colon cancer raped by a priest in a previous life; stomach cancer, stabbed in the stomach by his brother in a previous life; breast cancer, stabbed in the breast by her husband in a previous life.

Even more interesting is in cases of leukaemia where I have found 2 or more wounds that covered the entire physical body. Most recently I had a client with 4 such etheric wounds:

Dying in a fire twice, dying from small pox in the 1500’s and being stoned to death in the 1300’s.

A coincidence? I think not.

Obviously where there has been massive damage done to the physical body in the current life there would not necessarily be a past life wound or another energetic cause, but then these people aren’t normally drawn to me for healing.

I'd love to study the energy patterns behind cancer in greater detail and as always I'm willing to work with a fair energy exchange for those who feel unable to afford type of service.

Get in touch if you would like to know more.

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Sexual Abuse and Soul Retrieval


Sexual abuse is still so prevalent in our broken society and the effects last far longer and go far deeper than we realize.


Last week I helped a client who was suffering from anxiety and a fear of small spaces. We had already completed a few sessions and her aura was restored, the final piece of the aura restoration puzzle was her heart frequency which was still below what it should be. That indicated to me that a soul retrieval was required.


I guided her through the process and was a little surprised when she started describing a scene from an Irish coal mine in the 1800’s.


As a 12 year old girl, her family’s extreme poverty had forced her into work. The only work available was in a coal mine, filled with men.


In this scene she knew she had been abused and that nothing could be done about it. We carried out some healing on the part of her soul that had been left there, but we couldn’t retrieve it until we healed another sexual abuse, this time one in her current life, around the age of 4.


We traveled through time and space again and found ourselves in another small space in her childhood home. Mirroring her past life experience this home had an old fashioned coal stove, and the abuse took place in a similarly small and confined space.


We carried out the healing process in what was an emotional and deeply moving experience allowing my client to process some of the old emotions, communicate with the other people involved on an astral level and then healing that part of her soul that had broken off that day.


Feeling better we traveled back in time once again. Happily we found the soul in the coal mine and ready to return.


There was some immediate relief, but also a certain amount of integration required that would take a few days.


I often have clients who are feeling emotions that they can’t explain, but underlying all that they do and influencing their thoughts and their actions. When we go back to heal the heart field, we find these past events, sometimes forgotten events from childhood, and sometimes forgotten events from past lives.


Healing these events can be like fixing the foundations of our life. With damaged foundations, our walls will always be crooked but with good and solid foundations we can build up to the sky.

 (Photo by Philipp Wüthrich on Unsplash )