Get her to the vet quick


A couple of weeks ago an urgent message was sent on the family WhatsApp group.

My Mother-in-law’s beloved dog Roxy was in bad shape. She wasn’t eating, hadn’t slept and was feverish.

Suspected tick bite fever. Everyone said take her to the vet quickly but they live in Koringberg, out in the middle of nowhere and a trip to the vet isn’t so simple.

My wife quickly asked me to have a look to see what was going on energetically. I had worked on Roxy previously so I was very curious to find out what was going on as there had been some planetary energetic shifts following the Winter solstice.

I quickly discovered that she had some residual cellular level blockages and that her heart frequency was lower than it should be which normally means there is soul loss.

I cleared what cellular blockages I could immediately with the remaining few to be released over the next few days and then turned my attention to the soul loss. Soul loss is effectively past trauma causing part of the soul to shut down or ‘get lost’.

Because the soul sits in the heart centre, the heart field and heart frequency is effected. I connected with Roxy’s Higher Self to do the healing and discovered the soul loss was related to the loss of her friend, another family dog, who had escaped the yard one day to go on an adventure that sadly ended badly when she reached the main road.

It seems it wasn’t only the humans who were deeply saddened and grieving from the loss. I did the required healing to ‘retrieve’ that part of her soul and called it a day.

I reported back to the family and my Mother-in-law reported that strangely Roxy had just fallen asleep, her first sleep in over 15 hours. That was a good sign and often seems to happen when working on animals.

I checked in the next day and Roxy was up and about as if nothing had happened!  we often forget that our pets feel emotions too.

They have auras and chakras and they can have trapped emotions and stuck energy just like we have.

I love working with animals as they respond well, being free of the limiting beliefs and complicated mental constructs that adults have.

If you find the root cause of a problem they will simply get better.