'Heal' and Radical Remission

Cancer Remission.jpg

I finally got around to watching the movie ‘Heal’ on Netflix. It is great and well worth watching.

My favorite take out though was Dr Kelly Turner and her 9 healing factors common to all people who have experienced radical remission.

She should know as she has done her Phd on the subject and studied over 1500 cancer survivors who experienced a radical remission.

I was very fortunate to see one of those survivors talk at the 8 O’Clock Club a few weeks ago.

Christian shared his story of how he went to live in a Himalayan monastery for a few months after he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. You can read more about his story here: https://radicalremission.com/healing-story-of-the-month-may-2017/

Unfortunately not everyone can simply get up and move to a monastery. Fortunately you don’t need to go anywhere to apply the 9 factors to your life.

The 9 factors are:

1.       Radically changing your diet

2.       Taking control of your health

3.       Following your intuition

4.       Using herbs & supplements

5.       Releasing suppressed emotions

6.       Increasing positive emotions

7.       Embracing social support

8.       Deepening your spiritual connection

9.       Have a strong reason for living

I think it’s clear that everyone can benefit from embracing these all of these 9 factors but as an Energy Healer I work primarily with point 5, Releasing suppressed emotion, point 8, Deepening your spiritual connection and Point 3, following your intuition.

The Complete Aura Restoration process uses the emotional energy release procedure to identify and release trapped emotions from the aura and other energy centers.

Working in a systematic way we are able to clear all the old emotions that have gotten stuck. Thereafter we begin to work with simple meditations to deepen your spiritual connection which in turn heightens your intuition.

Dr Turner has released a great book on her research called: Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds and you can find out more about her work here: www.radicalremission.com