Stressed Out

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Not everyone who comes for energy healing is seeking to heal a physical problem. Most are actually after something more abstract. Greater clarity of mind, emotional stability or simply a sense of peace.

Stress is one of the biggest problems faced by people living in this modern world. Recently I had a successful business owner come see me. Physically he was healthy and in good shape, but emotionally he was struggling.

He was suffering from random panic attacks that were effecting his work and his stress levels where unusually high.

For these reasons I started working on his emotional body, the layer of the aura where most of our emotional energy is stored.

I didn’t find anything particularly related to stress, simply a normal mix of emotions that any one of use could expect to find. I cleared his emotional body of all blockages and negative emotions, I did a chakra alignment and then some healing on the other subtle bodies.

Two weeks later he reported that he hadn’t had a panic attack since our appointment and he was feeling much calmer, emotionally stable and feels his stress is manageable.

The reason we can get these results is because our aura holds all our old unprocessed negative emotions. This emotional energy piles up like garbage that isn’t taken to the dump. Then when we trigger an emotion, we trigger all the old emotion of the same frequency that is sitting in the garbage pile. So we don’t just get the emotional reaction from the current event, we get the emotional reaction of all past similar events.

Have you ever gotten unusually angry getting caught at a red light? Well, you’re not just angry from the red light in front of you, you are angry again at all the past red lights that caught you at a bad time.

Every time my client was getting stressful news at work, he was triggering all the stressful situations he had experienced over the past 20 years.

This may seem insignificant, but if you have experienced debilitating stress, then I think you will appreciate how important this can be for a person.

We have a few more appointments lined up to share some useful emotional management tools and to completely restore the aura making it more resilient, improving his immune system and leaving him with a greater sense of peace.

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash