Why do children get sick?


There is nothing more heartbreaking for a parent than seeing your child sick and suffering.
I’m sure I’m not the only parent who has asked ‘Why?’

When my daughter got pneumonia a few years ago I decided to explore further. I had just started on my healing journey and was learning so much healing myself and my family that I relished the opportunity to find out more.

My daughter was mostly healthy, but when she was about 3 she started getting regular chest infections that took a long time to clear up, eventually one such infection turned to pneumonia and required serious medication. The next time her chest flared up I immediately set to work exploring the energetic reasons behind her cough.

Initially I released emotional blockages from her aura and within hours her chest would clear up.

I found this fascinating as she had no idea that I was doing healing on her. Children (And animals) are great in this way…they have not yet formed limiting beliefs about healing. They will always demonstrate exactly how they are feeling through their behavior and a parent can monitor their health quite easily.

Every few months she would wake up with a slight cough, I would know there was another set of energetic blockages to clear, and sure enough, her cough would disappear within hours. But why a cough, why her chest?

Eventually I went deeper and got to the root cause of why her chest was her weak point…..

I discovered that the etheric body, the inner most layer of the aura, can carry trauma or wounds from past lives.

I had been doing a lot of meditation, psychic development and practising how to access the akashic records. I put these skills together with the ancient art of dowsing to confirm the information I was receiving. Ever the sceptic and still doubtful of what I was discovering I wanted to confirm that it was true.

At the end of the day there was no real way to confirm the information with our current technological and spiritual limitations, all I could do was to see if healing these past life wounds and traumas was effective.

What I discovered was that my daughter had died in a fire several centuries before. As you will know, when you are in a fire, your chest suffers first as you breath in the smoke and die from asphyxiation.

Sure enough, after I healed this wound her chest cleared up and has pretty much stayed clear ever since. Anyone who has had children through nursery school will agree that having a completely healthy child when there are so many snotty noses around is a real blessing.

I have since been asked to do this procedure on several other children, always at a distance and always with positive feedback from the parents who are as amazed as I was that first time.

There was a 2 year old child who was permanently constipated who had been stabbed in the stomach when he was a soldier in the 1800’s. There was a child with a brain tumor who had died from an axe wound to the head in the 1600’s.

There was a child who’s doctors couldn’t explain what was wrong with him, every few months he was back in hospital with a rash that looked like insect bites, a bad chest and who could never be taken outside in case he got sick….well he was killed in by a bomb in world war 2.

All of these children have shown remarkable improvement in their health, as have all the adults who I have seen with unexplained illnesses or health problems since birth.

The thing is, we all go through stress in this life. The question I ask is why does this lead to sickness in some people, and why do people get sick where they do. Why the lungs, why the brain, why the ovaries?

The illness always seems to go to the place of energetic weakness and in my work with children and people who have serious disease, that place is almost always at the location of a past life wound.

This isn’t a case of karma where a sick child is actually being punished in this life, but rather an opportunity to heal past wounds and we can make that healing much easier and faster by healing the energetic wound with energetic healing which will allow the physical body to heal itself much faster.

My process is to do the energetic assessment prior to the first consultation to avoid ‘front loading’. It is a sensitive process and I prefer not to know anything about the persons health beforehand therefore keeping the process as objective as possible.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

As always, energy healing is a non-invasive process that is complementary to allopathic medicine.