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These crystal essences are created purposefully from natural spring water with specifically charged crystals, sound healing and powerful prayers to create an essence that carries a uniquely high frequency capable of transmuting energy in a simple and effective way.

Aura Cleanse jorge-fernandez-729351-unsplash.jpg

Aura cleanse energy cleansing spray

This energy cleanser is created to give your aura a quick and easy cleanse. It will remove negative thoughts, energies and emotions picked up from crowded spaces. It is non-allergenic, odourless and environmentally friendly.

Every empath knows the feeling. You go to a crowded place and come out feeling drained, dirty and despondent.

This is what happens when you visit a place that is full of other peoples energy (thoughts and emotions) without doing sufficient protection.

I used to hate visiting shopping centres and would often simply go wait in the car. Obviously when I learnt about energetic protection this changed but every now and then I forget and need to do a quick cleanse.

My clients often reported the same experience and asked for help so I have developed this odor free aura cleansing spray. Simply spray across your aura when you get that dreaded dirty energy feeling.

Space Clear heather-ford-1270604-unsplash.jpg

Space clear energy cleanser spray

An effective non-allergenic, odourless and environmentally friendly spray to clear away negative thoughts, energies and emotions from your living or working space.

Whenever I do space clearing I mix up a special crystal essence spray to help me remove any negative thoughts, energies and emotions from a room.

Not every building requires an in person visit to clear the energy, for many this simple energy cleansing spray will be all that is required. Give it a try.